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 Version 0.3.1

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PostSubject: Version 0.3.1   Sun Apr 26, 2009 1:52 am

Tagal pa cguro to, inform ko lang kyo Smile

Upcoming Version 0.3.1

* Feature - Building list: Players with premium accounts can only put up to four building jobs on the list. These will then be built one after the other. Jobs in the building list can be cancelled at any time. The building costs will only be taken from your account when the building has begun.
* Feature - The complete overview pages of the premium accounts have been revised. They contain more information, e.g. how long the wine supply in the city will last.
* Feature - Military treaty: The military contract treaty now has the suitable name of 'garrison right'.
* Feature - Occupation: Players can occupy other cities now and thus use it as a bridgehead for other missions. The units however, will cost double the upkeep, like in other missions too. If you pillage from a bridge head, the occupied city will receive 10% of the looted goods. A player can only occupy as many cities as his palace has levels. However, occupied cities can also be used as a bridgehead for allies.
* Feature - unlimited time to station armies and fleets in allies, occupied cities and cities occupied by allied players
* Feature - 'Timer in Tab'- indicator: A countdown timer indicates how much time is left until the next building is finished in your current city
* Feature - New island graphics: There are five different island shapes for the island view now, that also correspond with the world map.
* Feature - Island view revised: The harbour blockages, battles and occupying of cities is now also shown. This feature is visible for all players who have a city on the island or respectively have an an ally who owns a city on the island or have spies on the island.
* Feature - Garrison right: If a player has a garrison right with another player's city, he can station his troops there and use the city as a bridgehead.
* Feature - More highscores: There are three more highscore categories, that are however, not added to the complete highscore. Offensive points: You will get points for every unit destroyed by your own attackers. Defensive points: You will get points for every unit destroyed by your own defenders. Trade highscore: For every successful transaction via the trading post you will receive points. To allow new players a good rank, the points in these highscores are time dependant, i.e. the longer the time since the battle or a transaction took place is, the less the points will be weighted.
* Feature - Archive: You can permanently store battle reports, spy reports or messages in an archive for the price of 1 Ambrosia. The archive has a capacity of 1000 items.
* Feature - Composition of approaching fleets: For 1 Ambrosia, a player can find out more information about the army/fleet line ups of attacking troops
* Feature - Notes: Via the menu item 'Notes' you can now jot down a text of your choice with up to 127 characters. This can be saved indefinitely. You can save more text if you have a premium account (8192 characters).
* Feature - Basic-storage capacity has been adjusted. It is 1500 (units) for all types of resources now.
* Bugfix - Wrong coordinates were sometimes shown on the military advisor screen.
* Bugfix - Sometimes messages written on the trade fleet overview while pillaging armies were returning went to the wrong recipient
* Bugfix - Remaining research time was not shown in the academy, if the city in question did not have any researchers, even if there were researchers in your other cities.
* Bugfix - Indication error in the embassy in IE6 fixed
* Bugfix - The pillaging error that occurred when the origin city was stationed at an allied defence fleet has been fixed
* Bugfix - Accepting a cultural goods trade treaty was possible even if you did not have a free museum.

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Nine-Tailed Fox


Male Number of posts : 21
Location : Phillipines
Registration date : 2008-12-29

PostSubject: Re: Version 0.3.1   Sun Apr 26, 2009 2:02 am

Test server link

Quote :
Hiho everyone Smile

Test server update is now online there was some problems during the update process but they are fixed and new version is ready for testing.

Have fun

Ikariam.org Administration

Quote :
Ok some new informations about the 0.3.1 update process.

Just like with the 0.3.0 you will have to leave your ships in the ports because if you don't they will be returned to the original towns and all the goods on them will be lost.

Informations when your world will be updated you will get at least 24 hours before it happens so make sure to read this section of the board.

If it's possible spread this info to your friends and allinace members so that as much ppl get the news as possible in order to prevent the huge number of ppl complaining about it.

Thank you all

Ikariam.org Administration.

P.S. We still don't know when the update process will happen Smile

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Version 0.3.1
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